About me

I am a Graduate student pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science at Arizona State University and working as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Laboratory of Security Engineering for Future Computing (SEFCOM) primarily working on Resource Access Management and Blockchain-based Digital Forensics.

My career path has ranged from working as a research intern finding applications of Deep Learning in Image Splicing Detection to, being a Tech Analyst Intern at Deutsche Bank India primarily working on Data Analysis and Optimization Methods.

I am a hardworking, determined individual who is detail-oriented, consistent, and adaptable.

What I'm doing

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    Access Management

    A Zero-Trust Resource Access Management Framework for Scientific Collaborations

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    Blockchain CoC

    An end-to-end analysis of the Blockchain based Chain of Custody (B-CoC)


  • Dr. Indrajit Banerjee

    Dr. Indrajit Banerjee

    In my opinion, Souradip is a sharp and brilliant student, he grasps new concepts very quickly. Not only does he possess a strong memory, but also he has the ability to critically analyse and reason different aspects of learning. I appreciate his capacity to focus and give his best to perform any task he is handed. I believe his consistent good grades demonstrate the same.

  • Dr. Ruchira Naskar

    Dr. Ruchira Naskar

    Souradip did his Summer Research Internship (2020) under my guidance. He was a flexible and quick learner. I was able to observe this when he had approached me regarding Deep Learning, my primary area of research. Despite not having any prerequisite knowledge, he was optimistic and sincere about learning a new technology. He is an individual with an eagerness to learn, is mindful of his responsibilities, and works hard.

  • Dr. Arindam Biswas

    Dr. Arindam Biswas

    In my association with him, I had ample opportunity to consistently assess his intellectual and personal abilities. Demonstrating maturity regarding his work, Souradip ensured that he remained focused on completing his tasks. With his sharp mind, Souradip required little supervision and throughout the duration of the project, performed his tasks quite independently. From analyzing the problem, understanding the requirements, and brainstorming to find the solution, Souradip asked for little assistance and managed the work well.

  • Dr Prasun Ghosal

    Dr. Prasun Ghosal

    I supervised Souradip on his project work on "GUI Design of a Simulator for 8-bit Ribosomal Computing". Steered by his interest towards Computer Science, he did an excellent job on the project he had undertaken. Souradip remained focused and determinedly completed the task within due time.

News and Updates

  1. Mar 2023

    Attended the Network and Distributed System Security (NDSS) Symposium, 2023

  2. Jan 2023

    Joined the Laboratory for Security Engineering for Future Computing (SEFCOM), ASU as a Graduate Research Assistant under the supervision of Dr. Gail-Joon Ahn

  3. Dec 2022

    Awarded with the "President of India Gold Medal" for being the University Topper (UG), IIEST, Shibpur, 2022

  4. Aug 2022

    Started Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) at Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering in Arizona State University

  5. May 2022

    Graduated from IIEST Shibpur with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Information Technology (IT)

  6. Aug 2021

    Successfully completed a 2-month Summer Internship at Deutsche Bank, India

  7. March 2021

    Our Paper "Automated image splicing detection using deep CNN-learned features and ANN-based classifier" got accepted in Signal, Image and Video Processing (SIViP) Journal



  1. Graduate Research Assistant

    Arizona State University

    Jan 2023 — Present

    Zero-Trust Resource Access Management for Scientific Collaborations with Dr. Gail-Joon Ahn, Dr. Jaejong Baek, and Dr. Carlos Rubio-Medrano

  2. Technical Analyst Intern

    Deutsche Bank India

    Jun 2021 — Aug 2021

    Scheduled Jobs Analysis for Optimizing Google Cloud Composer Cost

  3. Summer Research Intern

    IIEST, Shibpur

    May 2020 — Jul 2020

    Automated image splicing detection using deep CNN-learned features and ANN-based classifier with Dr. Ruchira Naskar


  1. Master of Science, Computer Science

    Arizona State University

    2022 — 2024

    Relevant Coursework: Software Security, Computer and Network Forensics, Artificial Intelligence

  2. Bachelor of Technology, Information Technology

    IIEST, Shibpur

    2018 — 2022

    Relevant Coursework: Information and System Security, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Networks

My skills

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Front End Tools: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Backend Tools: Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB
  • Microsoft Office


Contact Me

If you are interested to know more about my current/past work, the projects I am currently working on, or just simply my life as a grad student, feel free to reach me out at souradipnath4@gmail.com, or send me a connection request in LinkedIn/Instagram. Happy to connect!